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Concept Investigation Of A Mobile Vineyard Press For Wine Grapes
Kyle Duane Lemmer, Nico Treurnicht, Jeanne Brand, Wessel Du Toit

Last modified: 2012-07-03


During the ripening of wine grapes, variables beyond the control of winemakers cause harvest peaks to occur, placing high demands on primary processes in wine cellars. The result is queuing that leads to truck and tractor trailer loads of grapes waiting for unloading. The atmospheric exposure during queuing possibly causes quality degradation.

This study has two objectives: Firstly, to alleviate pressure on wine cellars caused by the grape supply peak during the harvest season; Secondly, to increase the quality of the end product, namely juice or wine by minimising the time the grapes are exposed to heat and the atmosphere.

In this work the concept of a mobile vineyard press is explored. Such equipment would enable immediate pressing (of white wine grapes in particular) after harvesting and the transport of chilled juice to the cellar. The study analyses harvesting processes at a sample of Lutzville vineyards. Harvest processes are investigated in order to predict typical peaks occurring at cellars. The time harvested grapes are exposed before pressing is determined, and then the extent to which the vineyard pressing influences this time. The study concludes with the presentation of a concept design for a batch vineyard press.

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