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Towards A Capability Planning/Design Methodology For Enterprises Handling Anthropogenic Hazards
Jozine Botha, Marne De Vries

Last modified: 2012-06-20


Anthropogenic hazards can be defined as human intent, negligence or error leading to threatening situations or the failure of a man-made system. There are a range of challenges, such as under-development, unemployment and poverty as well as the threat of pandemics that leads to an increase in anthropogenic hazards. Due to this increased frequency, complexity and severity, the management of these hazards is becoming increasingly important.

This paper aims to provide a rationale and set a research agenda for the development of the capability to handle anthropogenic hazards. Existing capability development models are investigated that may contribute towards the research agenda.  The complex nonlinear dynamic nature of capability development and the complexities involved in developing capabilities across organisational boundaries must be addressed.

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