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A Model Based Specification For A Decision Support Tool For Supply Chain Risk Management
Pierre David, Delara Saleh Ebrahimi, Gulgun Alpan

Last modified: 2012-06-21


Supply chain disruptions become one of the key issues in supply chain management. Ordinary, everyday problems provoked by customers and suppliers, or infrastructure and network risks can affect supply chains. Our objective is to provide the decision makers with a Decision Support Tool (DST) for supply chain risk management. This DST shall be « user friendly », that is, the decision maker can easily model his own supply chain using the generic and/or specific modules and functions available in the tool. In our work, the first step is to provide a detailed specification for the above mentioned DST. More specifically, we need to identify which parameters of a supply chain have to be considered in the generic modules of the DST and which risk categories are to be taken into account. To this end, we provide the specification of supply chain networks. This specification is partly based on SCOR model. Then we give a taxonomy of risk classes. This taxonomy is based on an extensive literature review and broadens the already existing risk taxonomies. We propose a UML based model to link the supply chain structure and the risk classes. This UML model gives the basic specifications of the DST.


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