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Design Of A Robust Decision-Making Module For The RoboCup Small-Size League
Moonyoung Yoon, Tanya Lane-Visser

Last modified: 2012-06-25


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed rapidly since it was founded in the mid 1950’s aiming to study and design intelligent agents. Among a number of competitions and prizes to promote research in AI, the RoboCup, an annual international robot soccer competition, is one of the most interesting and well known  ones. In the RoboCup Small-Size League (SSL) teams consisting of five cylinder-looking robots autonomously play soccer games. A computerised decision-making module is used as the brain of the team to assess the current situation, to establish an appropriate and near optimal action strategy and to ultimately send commands to the robots.

In this paper, a blueprint for the design of a robust decision-making module for the RoboCup SSL is presented. This decision-making module improves upon the existing modules by combining the best strategies from existing modules with newly developed ones. In addition, it is robust in terms of its ability to cope with unexpected situations that might occur mid-game. Battery depletion or key components breakdown are  good examples of such situations.

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