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A Critical Success Factor Model for Physical Asset Management Services
Wyhan Jooste, PJ Vlok

Last modified: 2012-06-21


This presentation proposes a research approach for developing and validating a critical success factor model for physical asset management (AM) services.

Management literature is unanimous in advocating the integration of services into core product offerings.  With the current industrial, technological and economic pressures, AM practitioners (service providers) are using services to assist clients (asset owners) with the management of their assets and compliance to the AM standard, PAS 55.  The lack of publications in this field shows that little is known about the underlying factors influencing the success of an AM service partnership between the service provider and asset owner.

The purpose of the research is to produce a decision support model for AM service providers and to provide the asset owner with prioritised AM focus areas. For the AM service partnership, the model serves as support framework for successful collaboration and effective communication.

The first part of the presentation covers industrial services, physical asset management and critical success factor literature. The problem statement is formulated followed by an overview of the research design (in the form of qualitative case study research).  The latter part focuses on data collection, analysis and the expected research contributions.

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