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The Critical Success Factors across ASAP Methodology in ERP Implementation
Kave Mohammad Cyrus, Ali Vaezi Nejad

Last modified: 2012-07-02


For ERP managers and consultants, it's very important to know which CSFs are effective in each step of ERP implementation.

Through a review of the literature, 39 CSFs were identified. We classified these CSFs in 5 categories of CSFs implementation framework which was proposed by Cantu. A questionnaire was developed to determine importance of CSFs in each step of ASAP methodology for ERP implementation. The questionnaire was given to ERP managers, consultants and experts of a manufacturing company in Iran that had successfully implemented ERP.

The results that was shown with charts , show which CSFs are more important in each step and in each category which CSFs are more important. We found out that in order of importance "final preparation", "go live and support" and "realization" are the most important phases in ASAP methodology in ERP implementation. Moreover, "Management /Organization", "Process" and "people" were the most effective CSF categories on success of ERP implementation. Finally, "Top management support", "Balanced and Knowledgeable implementation team" and "powerful change management" were the most frequently cited critical factors in the successful implementation of ERP systems in all of steps.