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Research Paper

Use of Artificial Neural Network for the Selection of Sales Intermediaries PDF
Orhan Saracoglu, Ilker Topcu
A Multi-Objective Optimization Approach For Complex Procurement Systems PDF
Anirban Kundu, Vipul Jain
A Coordination and Optimization Method for Multi-Bridge Waterjet Cutting Processes PDF
Jun Li, Qirui Sun, Xianzhong Dai
A Decision Support System for Nurse Scheduling at a Public Hospital in South Africa PDF
Sonja S Friedrich, Liezl Van Dyk
RAPShell For RFID-Enabled Real-Time Shopfloor Production Planning, Scheduling and Execution PDF
Ray.Y Zhong, L.Y Pang, Yu Pan, Ting Qu, George.Q Huang
A Bilevel Programming Approach In A Supply Hub In Industrial Park (SHIP) PDF
Xuan Qiu, George Q Huang
A Contrastive Analysis Of Different Carbon Policies In A Multi-Plant Location Problem PDF
Zhao Qiuhong, Chen Zhen, Zheng Haitao
Towards A Capability Planning/Design Methodology For Enterprises Handling Anthropogenic Hazards PDF
Jozine Botha, Marne De Vries
E-Manufacturing: A framework for increasing manufacturing resource utilisation. PDF
Lungile Nyanga, Andre Van Der Merwe, Stephen Matope, Nkgatho Tlale
A Model Based Specification For A Decision Support Tool For Supply Chain Risk Management PDF
Pierre David, Delara Saleh Ebrahimi, Gulgun Alpan
Design Of A Robust Decision-Making Module For The RoboCup Small-Size League PDF
Moonyoung Yoon, Tanya Lane-Visser
Two Different Process Mapping Methods, Similar Results? PDF
Serge Lambert, Georges Abdul-Nour
Designing Industrial Engineering Education in a Developing Country PDF
Roy Snaddon, Samuel John
Evaluation of Entry and Penetration Strategies to Middle East Market Utilizing a Multi Criteria Decision Analysis Approach PDF
Merve Yurdagul, Serafettin Ozsoy, Sebnem Burnaz, Ilker Topcu
Use of Van-der-Waals Forces Actuated Polyurethane Micro-grippers in the Handling of IC Micro-components PDF
Matthew John Arderne, Stephen Matope, Andre Van der Merwe, Lungile Nyanga
Drug Inventory Control for Outpatient Services PDF
Jiun-Yan Shiau, Xiangyang Li, Ming-Jie Zheng
An Improved Electromagnetism-like Algorithm for Global Optimization PDF
Javid Jouzdani, Farnaz Barzinpour, Mohammad Fathian
A System Dynamic Approach to Uncertainty in Bridging Technology Interaction PDF
Leon Pretorius, Jan-Harm Christiaan Pretorius
Auto-ID Enabled Real-time Manufacturing Shop-floor Management: A Case Study In A Fastener Manufacturer PDF
Yu Pan, George Q. Huang, Ray Y. Zhong, Ting Qu, L.Y. Pang, Y.F. Zhang
A Mathematical Model For Designing Group Layout Of A Dynamic Cellular Manufacturing System With Variable Number Of Cells PDF
Reza Kia, Nikbakhsh Javadian, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Aydin Aghajani
Order Allocation Among Multiple Supplies By Production Load-Equilibrium PDF
Wei Xiang, Fashuai Song, Feifan Ye
Reliability Analysis of a Redundant Repairable System With Erlangian "Preparation Time" PDF
Sarma VenkataSeshachala Yadavalli, Estelle van Wyk
Analysis on Quality and Safety Factors of Consumer Goods Based on Improved Fuzzy Clustering Method PDF
Guoping Xia, Jiadong Ju
Using Revenue Sharing Contract To Coordinate Supply Chain With A Risk-Averse Retailer PDF
Zhong Yao, Linlin Zhang, Yalan Cao
Air Pollution Control Techniques For The Cement Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study For Zimbabwe PDF
Takawira Robin Chikowore, Lameck Mugwagwa, Davison Zimwara
Development and Analysis of Business Models in the South African Motor Body Repair Sector PDF
Goodwell Muyengwa, Partson Dube, Kimberly Battle
Commercial Vehicle Behaviour: Analysing GPS Records PDF
Quintin van Heerden, Johan W. Joubert
A Robust Mathematical Model for Route Planning of a Third-Party Logistics Provider PDF
Javid Jouzdani, Mohammad Fathian
A Critical Review Of Health Promotion Systems In A Municipal District PDF
Teresa Hattingh, David Janks
Enhanced Neighborhood Structure for Multi Periods Inventory Routing Problem Model with Time Varying Demand PDF
Noor Hasnah Moin, Huda Zurah Ab Halim
Integrated Scheduling Of Sp-As/Rs And Handling Equipment In Automated Container Terminals PDF
Seyed Mahdi Homayouni, Mohammad Reza Vasili, Seyed Mohammad Kazemi, Sai Hong Tang
Service Supply Chain: An Integrated Conceptual Framework PDF
Sumit Sakhuja, Vipul Jain
Business Models for Sustained eHealth Implementation: Lessons from Two Continents PDF
Liezl Van Dyk, Lisette J.E.W.C. Van Gemert-Pijnen, Jobke Wentzel, Maarten Van Limburg, Cornelius SL Schutte
RFID-Enabled Just-In-Time Logistics Management System For "SHIP" - Supply Hub In Industrial Park PDF
Ting Qu, H. Luo, George Q. Huang, N. Cao, J. Fang, R. Y. Zhong, A. L. Y. Pang, X. Qiu
Fuzzy System Dynamics Simulation For Manufacturing Supply Chain Systems With Uncertain Demand PDF
Michael Mutingi, Charles Mbohwa
Dynamic Capacity Augmentation Strategies For Health Manpower Supply Under Various Demand Patterns PDF
Michael Mutingi, Charles Mbohwa
Supply Chain Risk and Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises in South Africa PDF
Bernadette Patricia Sunjka, Mark Sklar-Chik
Concept Investigation Of A Mobile Vineyard Press For Wine Grapes PDF
Kyle Duane Lemmer, Nico Treurnicht, Jeanne Brand, Wessel Du Toit
The ABC of Comprehending Business Process Performance PDF
Antonie van Rensburg
Evaluating The Effect Of Road Pricing Strategies In MATSim, Using Agent-Specific And Income-Dependent Values PDF
Wilna du Plessis, Johan W Joubert
Management of Information Security in Supply Chains - A Process Framework PDF
Arup Roy, Anirban Kundu
Development Of A Time Study Application For Smart Phones PDF
Dieter Hartmann, Brent Lambert
A Mathematical Model To Minimize Total Tardiness And Workforce Overtime Costs In Cellular Manufacturing PDF
Gursel Suer, Kush Mathur
Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) In The Manufacturing Of Titanium Based Plate Implants In The Bio-Medical Sector PDF
Pieter De Waal Eksteen, Andre Van der Merwe
Health Post Location for Community Oriented Primary Care PDF
Franzel le Roux, Jozine Botha
A Lean Maintenance Supply Chain Framework for Rolling Stock Maintenance: A Case Study PDF
Tinashe George Tendayi, Cornelius J Fourie
A Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Multi-depot Capacitated Location-routing Problem with Inventory Decisions in Supply Chain Network Design PDF
Mahdi Bashiri, Ehsan Fallahzade
Multi-objective Facility Location-Allocation Problem with Continuous and Discrete Fuzzy Random Demands PDF
Mahdi Bashiri, Hamed Mogouie, Hamidreza Rezaei
A Comparative Study of a Euclidean Distance Algorithm and Pre-emptive Multi-objective Modelling for Disaster Relief - a Case Study for the SADC PDF
Estelle Van Wyk, Sarma Yadavalli
Comparison of Additive Manufacturing Processes For Rapid Casting For Tooling Application Using The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) PDF
Kasongo Nyembwe, Deon de Beer, Kobus van der Walt, Sheperd Bhero, Kambuyi Katuku
Hedging Manufacturing Systems Against Assorted Random Disruptions in a Dynamic Environment PDF
Johannes Bekane Mapokgole
Stochastic Approach of Managing Community-Water Distribution System Through the Application of Nanotechnology PDF
Thomas Bobga Tengen
Mobile Enabled Operations Management Using Multi-Objective Based Logistics Planning For Perishable Products PDF
Krishna Sundar Diatha, Ravikumar Karumanchi, Shashank Garg
Development Of A Tariff Tool For Medical Aids Within Africa PDF
Dieter Hartmann, Tom M Morrison, Charles Harebottle
Scheduling And Optimization Model Of Emergency Relief Supplies In The Constraint-Based Multi-Objective: Service Quality Perspective PDF
Siqing Shan, Zhongjun Hu, Zhonghui Mao
Ranking Of Effective Indices In Project Performance Evaluation In Technology-Based Company PDF
Sadegh Abedi, Reza Radfar, shahin Fakoori
Case Study: Assessing the Features of a Quality Management System PDF
Kris Adendorff, Patricia Ngomane
An Integrated Fuzzy Methodology For Waste Of Electrical And Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Management System PDF
H. Ziya Ulukan, Mujde Erol Genevois
Selecting The Best Flexibility Strategies By Using An Integrated Method Of FAHP And House Of Flexibility PDF
Mujde Erol Genevois, H. Ziya Ulukan
Open Innovation in South African SMEs PDF
Willie Krause, Corne Schutte, Niek du Preez
The Considerations Of Developing And Implementing An IT System To Track And Trace Explosives In The South African Market PDF
Ryno Holm, Konrad von Leipzig
Information Technology Application To Enable Business Renewal And Modernisation PDF
Hanno van Wyk, Konrad von Leipzig
Critical Analysis of Behavioural Training Method for SCOR Compliant SCM PDF
Marvel Mandaza, Konrad H von Leipzig, William Msekiwa Goriwondo
Heuristics For Multi Period Competitive Pricing Strategies For Manufacturing Companies PDF
Gursel Suer, Saikishore Pulugurtha, Douglas Adie
Long-Term Sourcing Model For Multi-Objective Supplier Selection Under Uncertainty PDF
Gursel Suer, Jing Huang
Impacts of Unforeseen Disruptions on Different Company-Layouts PDF
Johannes Bekane Mapokgole, Thomas Tengen
New Developments In Grape Punnet Packaging PDF
Nico Treurnicht, Nina Verwey, Mike Blanckenberg
Factors that Affect the Outcome of Process Improvement Programmes in South African Firms PDF
Smija Simon, Bernadette Sunjka
Investigating Interdependent and Conflicting Objectives in South African SMME Policies: Competitiveness vs. Employment Creation PDF
Robert Stuart Cass
Investigation of the Automation of Abalone Production Control PDF
Elizabeth Sephton, Nico Treurnicht, Mike Blanckenberg, Joanne van der Westhuizen
Investigation of Selected Cooling Techniques for Milling Ti6Al4V PDF
Dimitar Dimitrov, Derek Rhys Hammond, Nico Treurnicht, Mike Saxer
Dynamic Integration of Quality Practices Into the Strategic Management Process of Organisations in the Printing and Packaging Industry PDF
Nita Sukdeo
Response Surface Modeling and Optimization to Elucidate the Differential Effects of Demographic Characteristics on HIV Prevalence in South Africa. PDF
Wilbert Sibanda, Philip Pretorius
A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm For Integrated Production Planning And Scheduling Problems PDF
Lin Lin, Xinchang Hao, Mitsuo Gen, Katsuhisa Ohno
A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for FMS Optimization with AGV Dispatching PDF
Lin Lin, Yan Liang, Mitsuo Gen, Chen-Fu Chien
Study of Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishments in South African Retail Industry PDF
Partson Dube, Goodwell Muyengwa, Kimberley Battle
Exploring Critical Failure Modes in the Rail Environment and the Consequential Costs of Unplanned Maintenance PDF
Pieter Conradie, Nico Treurnicht
Development of a Micro Material Handling System PDF
Sebastian Earle Aspeling Read, Andre Van der Merwe, Corne Schutte, Stephen Matope, Michael Mueller
Evaluation of Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation Success: Case Study in Zimbabwe PDF
Samson Mhlanga, Lameck Kambarami, Takawira Chikowore
Collaborative Product Design and Manufacturing by Web-based Haptic Modeling for Virtual and Physical Prototyping PDF
Yuan-Shin Lee
Automation Of Work Studies: An Evaluation of Methods For A Computer Vision Based System PDF
Donald Lloyd van Blommestein, Andre Francois van der Merwe, Dewald Swart, Stephen Matope
Application of Lean Product Development at a Manufacturing Organisation: A Case Study PDF
Jan Harm Pretorius, Andile Dem, David Kruger
An Approach For Evaluation Of Cutting Strategies For Milling Of TI6AL4V PDF
Pieter Conradie, Dimitar Dimitrov, Mike Saxer
An Investigation Into Lubrication Strategies For The Incremental Sheet Forming Of TI-6AL-4V PDF
Ruan de Bruyn, Nico Treurnicht
Requirements for the Feasibility of PV Net Metering in South Africa PDF
Graham Tongai Ndanga, Martin Gorn

Applied or Industry Paper

Bottleneck Management Through Discrete Event Simulation For Manual Automobile Assembly Systems PDF
Mendon Dewa, Liberty Chidzuu
Investigating the Benefits of Using Selected Lean Techniques at a South African Exhaust Manufacturer - A Case Study PDF
Andre Louw
Economic Lot Shipment Under Value Pricing Of Rate PDF
Olufemi Adewumi Babatunde Adetunji, Sarma Venkatta Yadavalli
Six Sigma Project Selections by Using a Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach: A Case Study in Poly Acryl Corp PDF
Seyed Mohammad Kazemi, Mahdi Karbasian, Seyed Mahdi Homayouni, Mohammad Reza Vasili
Managing For The Triple Bottom Line In Project-Based Learning PDF
Nadia Millis Viljoen
An Improved Approach Towards Business Intelligence Dashboards Through Automated Reporting PDF
Lohan Pieterse
RFID Based Automatic Tollgate System PDF
Lovemore Gunda, Samson Mhlanga, Reginald Gonye, Lee Masuka, Lungile Nyanga
Being The Lean Dream PDF
Magdel van Staden, Werner du Plessis
A Rich Multi-Period Delivery Vehicle Master Routing Problem Case Study PDF
Angela Liza Rademeyer, Robert Benetto
Discrete Event Simulation Modeling To Improve Productivity On An Automotive Production Line PDF
Jean-Claude Munyaka Baraka, Andrew Kisten Naicker, Ranil Singh
GreenSCOR as a Tool for Measurement and Improvement of the Carbon Footprint of the Logistics Functions of a Firm PDF
Olufemi Adewumi Babatunde Adetunji, Izak Pierre van Zyl
Development of a Station Control System for an Engine Assembly Line PDF
Dylan Townsend, Andrew Norman, Igor Gorlach
The Practical Application Of Iso 9001 And ISO/TS 16949 To The Mass Production Of Motor Industry Components PDF
Peter George Blaine, P.J. Vlok, R. T. Dobson

Abstract and Presentations

Safety Of Machinery In Hospitals: An Exploratory Study
Francois Gauthier
Distribution Planning: Leveraging operational excellence and world class technology
Henk van Niekerk
A genetic algorithm approach for automated storage and retrieval systems
Yaghoub Khojasteh-Ghamari
Establishing a Logistics Command Centre - A journey describing the multi-disciplinary nature of IE projects
Henricus Verhoef
Integrating Scenario Planning And Multiobjective Optimization Models
Theodor Stewart
Giving your CMMS Wings
Dirk Pieter Janse van Rensburg
Strategic Scenario Planning In The South African Foundry Sector
Hannelie Nel, Farouk Varachia
Lean Based Facility Lay-out Design: Application and Experiences in the South African Automotive Industry
Robert Pokote Mutyavavire, Charles Mbohwa, Khutso Sepuru
Using the Knowledge-Structures of Intellectual Capital in a Computer-Aided Model-Based Systems Perspective to Align Organisational Resources
Daniel Malherbe
Improving Business Performance through Effective Health and Safety Management
Natalie Carol Skeepers, Charles Mbohwa
Operating room scheduling for private hospitals
Uttam Bhana Pancha
Antiretroviral Drug Distribution Routing System in Limpopo Province South Africa
Hildah Mashira, Amon Masache
Integrated Management Systems - how PAS55/ ISO 55000 fits into the bigger picture
Leon Erasmus
A Critical Success Factor Model for Physical Asset Management Services
Wyhan Jooste, PJ Vlok
Intelligent objects: The Future of Simulation
Dennis Pegden, Francois van Huyssteen
Lean Based Facility Lay-Out Design: Applications and Experiences in the South African Automotive Industry
Robert Pokote Mutyavavire
Developing a project contingency estimation tool for Eskom Distribution Western Operating Unit
Mariette van Niekerk, James Bekker
Sweating the constraint of strip mining: A case study of Project Khulisa
Andile Dumisani Ndiweni
New Vaal Campaign Mining Project
Andre de Jager, Shuping Makgathe
A Practical Approach to Managing Variation that Causes Risk in Meeting Schedule, Cost & Revenue Targets
Dennis Pegden, Francois van Huyssteen
Restocking the Industrial Engineering toolkit: combining process mapping, business analytics and operations research for effective problem solving
Elias Jakobus Willemse
An Integrated Evaluation Of Supplier Using AHP And Grey Association
Lu Liu
The Critical Success Factors across ASAP Methodology in ERP Implementation
Kave Mohammad Cyrus, Ali Vaezi Nejad


System Dynamics : The neglected IE tool
Paul Kruger
Genetic Algorithms in Optimization
Gursel Suer, Mitsuo Gen

Invited Presentations and Keynotes

IE's in start-ups & the green economy
Dino Petrarolo
Being a Catalyst for Organisational Transformation
Cobus Rossouw
Trends in Supply Chain Control
Chelsea C White III
SCIENCE and SOCIETY: The world in which we live our stories - a natural sciences perspective
Eugene Cloete