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Flexible Measurement System for Modern Automobile Production
Karl Hofmann du Preez, Shaun Pretorius, Theo van Niekerk

Last modified: 2013-08-20


The automotive industry today is placing an ever increasing demand on dimensional tolerances, with the quality requirements of the customer constantly rising, and vehicles now consisting of more and more parts and components. Furthermore, development times have become shorter and the costs involved in development are rising from year to year.

To stay competitive and to be able to sell high-class products in the modern automotive industry it is absolutely necessary to check the level of quality of final manufactured vehicle. The normal measurement strategy to check the quality standard of a produced vehicle is via complex measurement systems in series production which is immensely costly, time consuming and expensive. Furthermore the measurement systems are fixed in specific locations and flexible measurement of a produced vehicle is very difficult to realize. A non-contact flexible measurement system adhering to all VWSA policies and procedures were developed, with which it is possible to measure a completely assembled vehicle (PQ25 platform) wherever and whenever desired. This measurement system has been developed together with Volkswagen of South Africa enabling the company to be at the forefront in measurement technology and analysis in the automotive industry. For the first time in South Africa it is possible to measure a vehicle from the first prototype in production to the finished car at the customer.

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