SUNConferences, COMA '13

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Acoustic Emission Monitoring in Ultra-High Precision Machining of Rapidly Solidified Aluminium
Oluwole Ayodeji Olufayo, khaled Abou-El-Hossein

Last modified: 2013-08-20


The use of fine micro-structured rapidly solidified aluminium (RSA) alloys in manufacturing of optical mould inserts has recently increased because of the advantages these alloys offer at a relatively low cost. The fine microstructure of RSA imparts these alloys a high ultimate strength and thus make them suitable candidates as mould materials. As part of our research in the area of manufacture of optical mould inserts, this paper presents a monitoring technique established to identify the behaviour of diamond tool wear during the ultra-high precision machining of RSA 905 for optical mould insert production. Acoustic emission (AE) is employed as a precision sensing technique and further processed to correlate AErms feature with the process performance. The initial results of tool wear measurement indicate an adequate rise in amplitude of RMS. The setup for the AE sensor system exhibits excellent sensitivity to the cutting mechanism, especially for the detection of the initial engagement between the tool and workpiece.

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