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Performance Measurement System for Efficiency of Intralogistics-Systems – a Practical Proposal
André Wötzel, Gerhard Bandow, Ka-Yu Man

Last modified: 2013-08-20


Within industry (e.g. automotive engineering, machine and plant construction), efficiency savings can be discussed at various system levels. A significant application potential can be seen at the level of the production system, within which the field of intralogistics systems is considered as an innovative starting point. The intralogistics system of a production system is inter alia characterized by the use of different conveyors which perform their function mainly by electrical drive.

Especially in the case of large-scale (mostly oversized) or the (highly) automated conveying systems, there is a “high” level of energy consumption (energy dissipation). The oversizing and the use of wear-susceptible components within obsolete or substandard intralogistics systems offer great potentials for improvement in the field of resource and energy efficiency. In the course of a resource- and energy-saving dimensioning, it is first of all worthwhile to holistically analyze and evaluate the resource and energy efficiency of intralogistics systems and their components.

A performance measurement system for holistic analyses and evaluations of resource and energy efficiency does currently not exist. Various engineering standards and guidelines in the field of logistics, maintenance, and ecology, as well as technical product and component specifications provide a basis for the proposed performance measurement system. Technical specifications include specifically data of conveyor and storage, e.g. capacity and performance data (cycle and handling time, velocity, energy consumption, characteristic diagram and degree of efficiency of drives) and further economic data, e.g. total cost of ownership (energy and maintenance costs). With this the paper a practical proposal of a performance measurement system will be presented. 

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