SUNConferences, COMA '13

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Investigation of Incorporating an Unmanned Land Vehicle for Inspection in Manufacturing Environments
Allan Taurayi Chikwanha, Riaan Stopforth

Last modified: 2013-08-20


When disasters/accidents occur in a manufacturing environment, human rescuers can only enter the scene after it has been determined to be safe to do so. Vital time is lost whilst assessing conditions or waiting for conditions to stabilize to levels that are safe. During the rescue operation, rescuers are also vulnerable as the infrastructure could be unstable. An inspection method is needed to reduce or completely eliminate the exposure of human rescuers to possible dangers while assessing disaster accident. Research in search and rescue operations and the inspection of manufacturing environments, with the assistance of robots, has become a major topic with recent advancement in modern technology.


This paper describes how an unmanned land robot (CAESAR V2.0) can be used when disasters and accidents occur in a manufacturing setup. The robots can be the first respondent at the accident scene and have sensors incorporated on them which can detect if the accident scene is safe for humans to carry-out operations. This is important to remove the risk of exposing humans to possible hazards.

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