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A Process Planning Framework for Milling of Titanium Alloys
Dimitar Dimitrov, Pieter Conradie, Tiaan Oosthuizen

Last modified: 2013-08-21


Ti6Al4V is being used increasingly in new generation aircraft, creating a market for high value components. It is argued that knowledge development is the key factor for South African machining suppliers to penetrate the global aerospace supply chains. This paper discusses current results of a collaborative project aiming at systematic research towards improved and more efficient utilisation of the High Speed Cutting (HSC), and particularly the High Performance Machining (HPM) technologies of selected titanium alloys. A milling process planning framework for titanium alloys is developed. This framework integrates the analysis of component features and the selection of milling strategy. It also discusses the prominent tool demands and introduces a tool wear map that enables operators to understand the cause of failure, in order to take remedial action.  In this way the targeted cost optimisation and lead time shortening can be modelled and practically achieved.

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