SUNConferences, COMA '13

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Methodology for Adaptive Management of Internal Value Creation Depth in the Tool and Die Industry
Günther Schuh, Kristian Kuhlmann, Nicolas Komorek, Bastian Schittny

Last modified: 2013-08-21


The tool and die industry manufactures tools and dies in one-batches and thereby enables any series production of goods. In consequence the demand for tools and dies is highly variable as it depends on the launch planning of new series. In conjunction with the current economic climate the key dilemma for the tool and die industry is formed by the requirement of available resources to flexibly supply tools and dies on one hand and the requirement of maximal capacity utilisation on the other. The proposed methodology presents an approach to continuously cope with this dilemma by adaptively managing the depth of the internal value creation. Target is the development of hierarchically ordered options for each step of the manufacturing process with regard to its internal execution or external sourcing. As a result the methodology presents a practical instrument for the tool and die industry to flexibly react to the variable demands while controlling capacity utilisation.

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