SUNConferences, COMA '13

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Remote Machine Tool Control and Diagnostic Based on Web Technologies
Georgi Martinov Martinov, Alekcandr Borisovich Ljubimov, Lilija Ivanovna Martinova, Anton Sergeevich Grigoriev

Last modified: 2013-08-21


Ensuring the competitiveness of production requires the reduction of machine idle time for reasons of machine tool failure and scheduled preventive maintenance work. To solve these problems standalone or integrated in the CNC system measurement tools are used in order to configure the servo drive and to diagnose inputs/outputs of the PLC. The use of modern web-technologies for creation of systems management software allows end users to arrange remote control of machine tools and remote monitoring and adjusting from the diagnostic center of machine tool builders. It is important to diagnose the geometric and logical control tasks. An approach to create a diagnostic tools based on virtual instruments that can be integrated in a web-browser is proposed.

Remote NC terminal duplicates or replaces the main terminal of the control system. The specific is that remote terminal can use a different platform and its visualization screen is more laconic. Access to basic functions of the NC kernel should be done through a local or corporate network, as well as via the Internet. The principles of development remote terminals as new components of control systems with web-based technologies are considered.

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