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Decentralized CNC Automation System for Large Machine Tools
Sergej Nikolaevich Grigoriev, Georgi Martinov Martinov

Last modified: 2013-08-21


Automation of large machine tools with work area ten meters and more has its own peculiarities. For the machine operator to work comfortably multiple panels are required and it is important to have a remote control panel. The CNC system should provide synchronization of visualization data across all the panels also should have a special mechanism for the transfer of control actions between the panels. The control system at any time accepts commands only from one panel.

Machine tool builders use for one coordinate axis two, four or more servo drives, that must be simultaneously controlled by the CNC system. The electrical cabinet is divided into sections and they are placed in different zones of the machine tool in order to save on cables and logical separation of managed units. CNC system should synchronously interpolate servo drives controllers that are in different sections of the electrical cabinet, and probably in different industrial networks.

Manufacturers of control systems use a modular solution of CNC which allowed arranging the system to a specific machine tool. Such CNC system along with all the requirements for conventional machine tools should provide multiple control channels working in different modes, a decentralized system of inputs/outputs and simultaneous operation of several industrial interfaces for the exchange of cyclic data.

An approach to building a decentralized CNC automation system for large machine tools is proposed.


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