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Technological Capital Management as an Instrument of Industrial Enterprise Innovative Development
Sergey Grigoriev, Julia Yeleneva, Vladimir Andreev

Last modified: 2013-08-21


The innovative development as a core factor of industrial enterprises business success has at present become an important topic of theoretical concentration. However the actual revision of literature on the topic indicates that little theoretical advance has been made in defining the criteria of innovative development growth evaluation and retracing the interconnection between the technological capital management and the industrial enterprise competitiveness.

The authors of present article offer a new approach towards measurement of the industrial enterprises innovative development effectiveness by introducing a fundamental criterion: the technological capital growth.

In order to meet the immediate requirements of innovative industrial enterprises, the authors define the technological capital as the totality of technological machinery, equipment and intangible assets, related to the production process and management.

Study is intended to highlight technological capital factors of growth that result in innovative prospects and are easily adapted for practical purposes.

In order to gain better understanding of the technological capital management, its main elements and structure are defined, and the practical methods of technological capital integral parts valuation are represented within the advancing intangible assets value growth framework.

We expect the study findings to highlight the possibility to make accurate, relevant and precise evaluation of innovative and competitive patterns in industrial enterprises.

Managers, analysts, and investors will eventually be able to assess a company’s innovation capability with convincing facilities.  

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