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Precision- and Micromanufacturing for Implants
Jan Edelmann, Andreas Schubert, Jörg Schneider, Stefan Groß, Gunnar Meichsner

Last modified: 2013-08-21


Modern implantology poses extremely high demands on production engineering. Prostheses often exhibit complex geometries, which have to be manufactured in high precision and surface quality. This has to be realized reliably and economically using difficult to process materials. The miniaturization of implant components represents an additional challenge in this context.

The Fraunhofer IWU offers research services as application-oriented research partner and is involved in a multitude of projects in the area of medical engineering. The portfolio covers the development and conception of active materials to the development and improvement of novel production processes and tools up to the implementation of unconventional materials or composites.

We qualify technologies and innovative hybrid processes for the flexible, process reliable and economical production of functional surfaces and micro structures on components and systems of the medical engineering and micro analytics. Process developments from precision engineering up to micro system technology are applied especially micro forming, micro milling as well as Laser, EDM and ECM machining. Those technologies can nearly, depending on the aimed for geometry and quality of machining, be used for all kind of relevant materials.

A very sophisticated example of our activity is the development of production technologies for tympanic implants to recover the functionality of the ossicular chain. Micro-milling was applied to the titanium implant prototypes with dimensions of some 100 micrometers in order to produce the complex, three-dimensional geometry. The process chain is complemented by the realization of suitable clamping concepts and the application of ablation and blasting processes to achieve a biocompatible surface texture. Present research concentrates on improving the osseointegration and on forming technologies for the production of the prosthesis.

The presentation should give an overview on applicable technologies and possible applications for surface modification of implants which are investigated at Fraunhofer IWU.

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