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Gripping Technology for Carbon Fibre Material
Jürgen Fleischer, Alexander Ochs, Frederic Förster

Last modified: 2013-08-21


The use of continuous fibre-reinforced plastic in the automotive sector is only possible in a limited way due to the highly manual production and the high costs.

One problem is the automation of the handling of textile semi-finished products in terms of unstable shapes and permeability, which pose great challenges to the gripping technology. Both, the characteristics of the semi-finished products that change during the production process and the low process reliability of the available grippers play an important role.

Before facing this problem, different grippers had been tested and rated in relation to the respective handling tasks at the Institute of Production Science. Based on these results, technologies have been developed that compensate the identified disadvantages in terms of gripping principle and gripping process of the commercially available grippers and that offer additional advantages in the handling of textile semi-finished products.

With a novel vibration-based gripper system, adhesive forces can be rendered ineffective through the selective application of vibrations. The use of binder systems utilized for preforming processes or the use of a system-compatible adhesive makes the system suitable for handling textiles.

Further progress was made in the field of gripper sensors. A new sensor was developed that can detect different process parameters of the gripping process and can therefor make a statement about the current state of the semi-finished product at the gripper. With this can be concluded in the future, whether and how many semi-finished layers have been picked and how big the forces are that act on the semi-finished product during the gripping process. These information contribute considerably to the increase in process reliability.

With this sensor, it is possible for the first time to built up a feedback controlled, energy efficient gripping system which constantly and autonomous influences the gripping process.

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