COMA 2016

Presentations and Authors

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Rapid Product Development

New Developments in Efficient Energy Use by New Tooling Concepts for Composite Materials PDF
Jochen Dietrich, Detlef Kochan, Christoph Schütze
Study of Pulse Electrochemical Machining of Nickel-Cobalt Ferrous Alloy PDF
Dirk Bähre, Olivier Weber, Andreas Rebschläger, Philipp Steuer
Study of Pulse Electrochemical Machining Characteristics of Spheroidal Cast Iron Using Sodium Nitrate Electrolyte PDF
Olivier Weber, Dirk Bähre, Andreas Rebschläger
Combined Laser Beam Braze-Welding Process for Fluxless Al-Cu Connections PDF
Peter Plapper, Tobias Solchenbach
Ultra-High Precision Machining of Modified High Strength Aluminium for Optical Mould Inserts PDF
Khaled Abou-El-Hossein, Johannes Neethling, Oluwole Olufayo
Acoustic Emission Monitoring in Ultra-High Precision Machining of Rapidly Solidified Aluminium PDF
Oluwole Ayodeji Olufayo, khaled Abou-El-Hossein
Innovative Approach for a Fast and Knowledge-Based Milling Process Design of Advanced Materials PDF
Thomas Bergs, Marc Busch, Michael Ottersbach
Production-Oriented Modular Platform Design PDF
Günther Schuh, Stefan Rudolf, Jens Arnoscht
Residual Stress Depth Profiling of Commercially Pure Titanium Subjected to High-Speed Machining Using Energy Dispersive Diffraction PDF
Nickey Janse van Rensburg, Rudolph Laubscher, Daniel Madyira, Gert Adriaan Oosthuizen
New Developments in Electron Beam Application for Rapid Manufacturing PDF
Jochen Dietrich, Gerhard Eckart, Jan Schulze, Thomas Müller, Marco Steinhauser
Screw Extrusion Based 3D Printing, a Novel Additive Manufacturing Technology PDF
Hans Valkenaers, Frederik Vogeler, André Voet, Jean-Pierre Kruth
Feature Based Reverse Engineering of Compressor Blades PDF
Kristiaan Schreve
Added Value in Tooling for Sheet Metal Forming through Additive Manufacturing PDF
Bernhard Mueller, Ralf Hund, Roland Malek, Mathias Gebauer, Stefan Polster, Mathias Kotzian, Reimund Neugebauer
Architecture for Building Web-Based Communication in Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (RMS) PDF
Aymar Harold Tseumogne Noumodje
Advances in Customized Medical Prostheses through Additive Manufacturing with an Emphasis on Hip Replacement and Cervical Implants PDF
Dimitar Dimitrov, Martin Bezuidenhout, Graziano Marcantonio
Reverse Engineering the Human Knee PDF
Johan van der Merwe, Cornie Scheffer, Dawie van der Heever, Pieter Erasmus
Additive Manufacturing and Design Strategies for Customized Jewellery Production PDF
Telma Margarida Ferreira, Henrique Amorim Almeida, Paulo Jorge Bártolo

Agile Manufacturing

Enhancing the Accuracy of a CNC Machine using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Igor Gorlach, Mark Simpson, MC du Plessis
Flexible Measurement System for Modern Automobile Production PDF
Karl Hofmann du Preez, Shaun Pretorius, Theo van Niekerk
Simulating an Innovative Austenitization Process Developed for Hot Stamping PDF
Reimund Neugebauer, Roland Müller, Stefan Meinel, Alwyn Bester
Case Study Based Comparison of Life Cycle Analyses within Metal Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry PDF
Fritz Klocke, Benjamin Döbbeler, Marvin Binder, Dieter Lung
Manufacturing of Geared Sheet Metal Components by a Single-Stage Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming Process PDF
Thomas Schneider, Marion Merklein
Manufacturing Flexibilisation of Metal Forming Components by Tailored Blanks PDF
Michael Lechner, Marion Merklein
A Dynamic Simulation of a Lean and Agile Manufacturing System PDF
Michael Mutingi, Charles Mbohwa, Samson Mhlanga
Genetic Algorithm for Artificial Neural Network Training for the Purpose of Automated Part Recognition PDF
Theo van Niekerk, Stefan Buys
Investigation of Incorporating an Unmanned Land Vehicle for Inspection in Manufacturing Environments PDF
Allan Taurayi Chikwanha, Riaan Stopforth
Manufacturing Challenges for Custom Made Solar Vehicles in South Africa PDF
Warren Stanley Hurter, Nickey Janse van Rensburg, Pieter Janse van Rensburg, Gert Adriaan Oosthuizen
Design of Manual Assembly Systems Focusing on Required Changeability PDF
Barbara Helen Baudzus, Matthias Krebs, Jochen Deuse
Additive Manufacturing of Gradient and Multimaterial Components PDF
Michael Schmidt, Michael Karg, Tobias Laumer
A Process Planning Framework for Milling of Titanium Alloys PDF
Dimitar Dimitrov, Pieter Conradie, Tiaan Oosthuizen
Polyurethane Micro-Gripper Utilizing Van-Der-Waals’ Forces in Micro-Assembly PDF
Stephen Matope, Andre F Van der Merwe, Theuns Dirkse van Schalkwyk, Sebastian Read, Matthew J. Arderne, Michael Mueller
Handling Robots for High-Volume Microassembly – an Economic and Technological Comparison of Different Kinematic Principles PDF
Michael Müller, Sebastian Read, Stephen Matope, Andre Van der Merwe, Reimund Neugebauer, Volker Wittstock
Investigating the Effects of Composite Materials in Solar Cell Encapsulation PDF
Warren Hurter, Nickey Janse van Rensburg, Gert Adriaan Oosthuizen
Application of a Camera for Measuring Robot Position Accuracy PDF
Igor Gorlach, Timothy Light, Alexander Schönberg, Robert Schmitt
Rolling Processes for Gear Manufacturing – Potentials and Challenges PDF
Matthias Milbrandt, Mike Lahl, Udo Hellfritzsch, Andreas Sterzing, Reimund Neugebauer
Defining the Optimal Beam Hardening Correction Parameters for CT Dimensional Metrology Applications PDF
Ye Tan, Kim Kiekens, Frank Welkenhuyzen, Jean-Pierre Kruth, Wim Dewulf
Methodology for Adaptive Management of Internal Value Creation Depth in the Tool and Die Industry PDF
Günther Schuh, Kristian Kuhlmann, Nicolas Komorek, Bastian Schittny
Numerical Analysis of Friction Stir Welding of Stainless Steel Lap Joints PDF
Gianluca Buffa, Livan Fratini
Decentralized CNC Automation System for Large Machine Tools PDF
Sergej Nikolaevich Grigoriev, Georgi Martinov Martinov
Precision- and Micromanufacturing for Implants PDF
Jan Edelmann, Andreas Schubert, Jörg Schneider, Stefan Groß, Gunnar Meichsner
Volumetric Geometric Accuracy Improvement for Multi-Axis Systems Based on Laser Software Error Correction PDF
Sergey Grigoriev, Vladimir Teleshevsky, Vladimir Sokolov
Gripping Technology for Carbon Fibre Material PDF
Jürgen Fleischer, Alexander Ochs, Frederic Förster
The Importance of Modern Material Characterisation Methods in Energy Efficient Sheet Metal Forming Process Development PDF
Patricia Nanette Weigel, Roland Müller, Alwyn Bester, Matthias Demmler
Comparison of IEC 61499 and Agent Based Control for a Reconfigurable Manufacturing Subsystem PDF
Chibaye Mulubika, Anton Basson

Operations Management

Flexible Planning Method for Manufacturing Resources Based on Process-graphs PDF
Dirk Bähre, Philipp Steuer, Martin Swat, Kirsten Trapp
Logistics-Oriented Production Scheduling in the Automotive Industry to Improve Outbound Logistics PDF
Daniel Palm, Wilfried Sihn
Resource Consumption Calculation Tool to Enhance Efficiency in Production Processes PDF
Martin Hienzsch, Robert Schmitt, Günther Schuh, Thomas Kühn, Nicolas Komorek
System Dynamics Simulation for Strategic Green Supply Chain Management PDF
Michael Mutingi, Charles Mbohwa, Samson Mhlanga, Herbert Mapfaira
A Framework for Developing Performance Measurement Systems for “Green” Supply Chain Management Strategies PDF
Michael Mutingi, Samson Mhlanga, Charles Mbohwa, Herbert Mapfaira
The Renaissance of Industrial Engineering Presented in the Example of the Competencies for Time Data Determination PDF
Peter Kuhlang, Olga Erohin, Matthias Krebs, Jochen Deuse, Wilfried Sihn
Factory Planning Scrum: Integrative Factory Planning with Agile Project Management PDF
Achim Kampker, Alexander Meckelnborg, Peter Burggräf, Thomas Netz
Performance Measurement System for Efficiency of Intralogistics-Systems – a Practical Proposal PDF
André Wötzel, Gerhard Bandow, Ka-Yu Man
Production Flow Control using Biased Minimum Feedback PDF
Anthony John Walker, Glen Bright
Energy Sensitive Digital Planning and Simulation PDF
Andreas Schlegel, Matthias Putz, Johannes Stoldt, Christin Schwerma, Tino Langer

Enterprise Design and Integration

Ambiguity and Uncertainty of Requirements in Product Development PDF
Eric Lutters, Fred Van Houten
Appropriateness of Life Cycle Assessments for Product/Packaging Combinations PDF
Eric Lutters, Ellen Oude Luttikhuis, Marten Toxopeus, Roland ten Klooster
Creating a Flexible and Dynamic Map of Dutch Research in Design PDF
Winnie Dankers, Eric Lutters
A Tool for Preparing Trans-National Access to High Level Visualisation Facilities PDF
Winnie Dankers, Eric Lutters
Enterprise Integration Triangle – a Framework for Innovating Complex Systems in the Manufacturing and Service Industries PDF
Gerhard Gudergan, Boris Ansorge, Achim Buschmeyer, Volker Stich
Why the S in BRICS? : A Production Engineering Pespective PDF
Lungile Nyanga, Andre F Van Der Merwe, Hubert Kals
Method to Quantify Value Added and Employment Effects of Technology Shifts PDF
Wilfried Sihn, Henrik Gommel
The Design of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems for Product Mass Customisation PDF
Jared Padayachee, Glen Bright
Usability and Learnability of Graphical Notation Systems in Process Modeling Languages PDF
Katrin Arning, Martina Ziefle, Eva-Maria Jakobs
The Relationship between an Innovation Strategy and a Technology Strategy PDF
Bernard Katz, Corne Schutte, Niek du Preez
Competitive Strategies for Value Creation During Disruptive Innovations PDF
Achim Kampker, Peter Burggräf, Christoph Deutskens, Christian Niebuhr
Knowledge-based Engineering: An Efficient Method for Knowledge Processing PDF
Yannick MVUDI N'LASA, Jan-Harm Pretorius, Leon Pretorius
Remote Machine Tool Control and Diagnostic Based on Web Technologies PDF
Georgi Martinov Martinov, Alekcandr Borisovich Ljubimov, Lilija Ivanovna Martinova, Anton Sergeevich Grigoriev
Technological Capital Management as an Instrument of Industrial Enterprise Innovative Development PDF
Sergey Grigoriev, Julia Yeleneva, Vladimir Andreev
Potentials and Barriers of Technology Deployment in Services PDF
Volker Stich, Arno Schmitz-Urban, Benedikt Brenken
The Knowledge Cube: A Universal Framework to Describe all Knowledge Items PDF
Gert Pretorius, Niek Du Preez