Updated program

The reviews of the submitted abstracts are completed and the selected speakers, with topics of presentations, are now included in the updated program. The final program with the last outstanding speakers will be concluded after a second call for papers and approval of abstracts.  
Posted: 2020-04-03

New Conference dates 17-19 March 2021


The Conference has been postponed as a result of the international COVID-19 situation from the original date in June 2020 to the new dates of 17-19 March 2021.

Posted: 2020-04-03



The Department of Forest and Wood Science at the Stellenbosch University, in collaboration with the CARE4C project (as part of a Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant from the European Union) and the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO), is proud to host an international symposium on Managing for resilient forests in a variable future climate

Collaborating IUFRO Units are: 1.02.01, 1.09.00 and 5.01.04.

The Symposium Themes

1.   Management opportunities to increase productivity and resilience of mixed-species or uneven aged natural forests under threat of climate change.

2.    Strategic silvicultural choices and adapted management regimes for plantation forests grown under an increasingly erratic climate

3.     Advances in understanding wood formation dynamics and the environmental control of wood property variation

Posted: 2019-11-19
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