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Webinar Help

Webinar virtual space

The webinar will be presented from . Simply type your name, and “Join”.



To successfully connect, you need the following:


Hardware requirements

1.    Fast broadband internet connection. Test your internet connection speed at: (Not required when connecting on SU campus).

2.    Internet device with keyboard (for typing questions to presenters) and speakers/headset (for listening to the presenters).

3.    No webcam or microphone (participants - please keep on mute for the duration of the webinar).

Software requirements

1.    Latest Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser. Download from:

2.    Latest Mozilla Firefox Java Plugin. Installation instructions are here:

3.    Latest Mozilla Firefox Adobe Flash Player Plugin. Download from:

How to join the webinar (Please test beforehand - it is already available)

1.    Go to: hostname "tex" is an abbreviation for "Technology for Education eXchange")

2.    Type your name. (Your first name is good enough)

3.    Click Join.

4.    Click Allow(This is a pop-up confirmation from the Flash plugin)

PLEASE test all beforehand. Please do not hesitate to contact the following should you need help:

Hilton Gibson
Ricardo Davids


Looking forward to ‘’meeting’’ you all in virtual space!