SUNConferences, RAPDASA 2014

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Karol Osowski, Andrzej Kęsy, Zbigniew Kęsy

Last modified: 2014-10-24


The design of the expert system to support solving problems connected with using 3D printing technology has been presented. The system has been created with typical modules such as knowledge base, user interface and inference engine.

Actual publications (books, reports, research papers) have mostly been used to create the knowledge base. Methods of knowledge engineering have been applied to make the analysis of data included in actual publications where the emphasis has been put on the type, quality and reliability of the data as well as on the way of the knowledge record. The data has been recorded in the form acceptable by the expert system inference engine. The main attention has been paid to the possibility of modification and supplementation of the data included in the knowledge base.

The system operation has been shown on the basis of the selection of a 3D printer for the machine part production. The selection has included: technical parameters of a 3D printer, 3D printer operating parameters, materials, geometry, dimensions and mechanical requirements for the manufactured part.

It has been shown that, on the basis of actual publications the knowledge base for the expert system concerning 3D printing technology can be created.

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