SUNConferences, RAPDASA 2014

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Sarel Pretorius Havenga, D. D. de Beer, P. J.M. van Tonder

Last modified: 2014-10-26


The Idea 2 Product lab (I2P), which was implemented at the Vaal University of Technology, is a self-help laboratory with the objective of empowering students, staff and the community to develop their ideas into a physical product or prototype using entry level Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers. Since the startup of the I2P lab in 2011, a need arose to determine different part finishing techniques on entry level models. The aspects that need to be addressed to improve the appearance of the entry level models are the visible layer step traces, color and bonding/binding/fusing different pieces together. Due to the print size restrictions on entry level FDM printers, multiple parts often need to be bonded-fused together in order to form an aesthetic or functional part. The aim of the study is to determine different surface finishing and bonding/binding/fusing techniques, which can be used on entry level FDM printed ABS models in order to improve their appearance, performance and quality.


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