This year's theme for the RAPDASA conference is Talent Driven Innovation. Revelant to this, papers in the following areas are invited.

  • Rapid Product Development: Product Engineering, Design for Additive Manufacturing, Virtual Prototyping,  Reverse Engineering, CAD/CAE, BioCAD, Data Validation and Data Security, Modelling and Simulation, Concurrent Engineering, Mass Customisation, Tooling Design and Development, Networks in Product Development, E-Supply Chains for AM
  • Materials: Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Biomaterials, Composites and Nanocomposites, Application-specific Materials, High-performance Materials, Materials Characterisation, Materials Engineering
  • New Techniques and Systems: Multi-material systems, Material Removal and Additive Technologies, Laser Systems for AM, Process Monitoring and Control Technologies, Quality Systems and Management, Hybrid Manufacturing, Large Scale AM, Bio-fabrication, Post-processing Techniques
  • Applications and Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Architecture, Medical and Biomedical, Tooling, Sport &       Leisure, Fashion, Jewellery, and Art, Foundry, Model-making, Power Generation, Marine