SUNConferences, 17th Annual Conference of the Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa

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On the impact of different system strategies on the material performance of SLM manufactured Ti6Al4V components
Thorsten Hermann Becker, Dimitri Dimitrov, Igor Yadroitsev, Gerrie Booysen

Last modified: 2016-10-26


Selective Laser Melting (SLM) is a powder-based additive manufacturing process that in recent years has gained substantial interest due to its feasibility of producing geometrically complex metallic components for end-use in various industries, with or without post-treatment procedures. This paper presents recent research undertaken on different scanning strategies and process parameters with the purpose to provide an overview of the achievable material performance of Ti6Al4V components and its comparative properties to the conventionally produced parts. In order to understand their output, differences in the building strategies of systems studied are analysed, and their influence on the resulting mechanical and metallurgical properties highlighted



Selective Laser Melting, Titanium, Material performance