SUNConferences, 17th Annual Conference of the Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa

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Erosion resistant repair build-ups on the LENS system
Maritha Theron, Corney Van Rooyen, Khoro Peter Malabi, Nana Arthur, Pincus Baloyi

Last modified: 2016-10-21


During operation in certain environments, components can be exposed to severe erosion damage and very expensive parts are discarded due to this surface damage. The build-up repair of such components by means of more erosion resistant alloys, was investigated on the LENS system, due to the possibility of huge cost savings within the South African industry. A compatible alloy to that of the base material was used as a buffer layer with the erosion resistant, cobalt-based Stellite 6 alloy a overlay material. A parameter window was established upon which pitting corrosion and hardness testing was done on the build-ups together with microstructural analysis. The latter was compared to the results of a similar internationally repaired component. A damaged component was machined to a predetermined geometry and repaired by means of laser additive manufacturing. The post-machining operation on the specific component still remains a challenge.


Erosion damage, repair, Stellite 6, Lens system