SUNConferences, 17th Annual Conference of the Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa

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Tensile properties and microstructure of direct metal laser sintered Ti6Al4V (ELI) alloy
Morakane Gloria Moletsane, Pavel Krakhmalev, Natalia Kazantseva, Aton Du Plessis, Ina Yadroitsava, Igor Yadroitsev

Last modified: 2016-10-10


Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is an additive manufacturing technology used to melt metal powder by high laser power to produce customized parts, light-weight structures or other complex objects. During DMLS, powder is melted and solidified track by track, layer by layer, thus building direction can influenced on mechanical properties of DMLS parts. Mechanical properties and microstructure of material produced by DMLS can depend on the powder properties, process parameters, scanning strategy and building geometry. In this study, the microstructure, tensile properties and porosity of DMLS Ti6Al4V (ELI) horizontal samples were analysed. Defect analysis by CT scans in pre-strained samples was used for detection of crack formation mechanism during tensile testing of as-built and heat treated samples. Mechanical properties of the samples before and after stress relieving are discussed.


direct metal laser sintering, tensile properties, microstructure, Ti6Al4V