SUNConferences, 17th Annual Conference of the Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa

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Integrating integrated circuit chips on paper substrates using inkjet printed electronics
Petrone Hester Bezuidenhout, Kevin Land, Trudi-Heleen Joubert

Last modified: 2016-09-29


This paper investigates the integration of silicon and paper substrates using rapid prototyping inkjet printed electronics. Various Dimatix DMP-2831 material printer settings and adhesives are investigated. The aim is to robustly and effectively connect various integrated circuit(IC) chip packages to a paper substrate using a commercially-available conductive silver ink. The verification process included contact resistance compared to line resistance, percentage effective connections, geometry relative to design parameters and frequency characteristics. These parameters are useful in solving integration difficulties and aid the development of electronic networks on paper substrates, providing a clearer understanding of rigid and flexible substrate integration.


printed electronics, conductive inks, paper substrates, hybrid integration, rapid prototyping