SUNConferences, Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering 2014

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Sello Prince Sekwatlakwatla, Prof Maredi Mphahlele Mphahlele, Vusi Malele

Last modified: 2014-06-30


Cloud computing provides a virtualized pool of computing resources. Cloud computing is categorized in three different broad service models: Software as a Service (SaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS); Infrastructure  as a Service (IaaS).An example  is  the  accessing  ofservices from remote databases through the use of Internet. This means  users cannot physically or directly access data from the cloud server, without  a  client’s knowledge. Therefore, there is no need for users to know the exact location of the server; but there is a need for securing the data and information especially in public cloud computing. The aim of this study was to investigate the security challenges or vulnerabilities of cloud computing and propose a conceptual solution. In this regard, a systematic literature search was conducted. Descriptive statistics was used to analyse the data. The researcher found that there are  a  lot of research issues within the area of security in cloud computing. Furthermore, through this overview study the researcher  found that most policies of cloud computing providers allow them to modify or delete data which is not used or that occupy a chunk of the storage space without consulting the  clients.  This  is another security vulnerability issue which creates a research platform.

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