SUNConferences, Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering 2014

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Gert Adriaan Oosthuizen, Dudley Jura

Last modified: 2014-06-26


In the current competitive economic environment, start-up companies struggle to accomplish production tasks alone. As part of the national supplier and enterprise development programs, corporations are discovering innovative ways to enable start-ups to compete within established value streams. Although manufacturing clusters can support collaboration and cooperation among incubation partners, its evolving quality management systems remains an issue. The quality of the products produced and service delivery of these manufacturing clusters are a concern. Still these clusters have not been able to develop a coordinated approach to quality management. Total quality management systems within these clusters can assist to optimize the quality costs and improve the cluster’s overall competitive position within the market. In this research study several cluster case studies were evaluated and incubation clusters within South Africa were visited to understand the quality issues, challenges and opportunities within clusters. A quality management framework was proposed to assist start-up companies to grow into established value streams from these incubation clusters.






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