SUNConferences, Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering 2014

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Gert Adriaan Oosthuizen, S. Butala, S. Böhm

Last modified: 2014-06-26


In the current competitive economic environment, start-up companies struggle to accomplish production tasks alone. Digitisation  helps to solve most product or service customisation challenges with open co-creation platforms and toolkits. The concept of Open Community Manufacturing (OCM) systems is introduced. OCM uses open design platforms to create value at the base of the pyramid, by empowering incubators through distributed manufacturing systems. OCM systems embrace new ways of technology transfer, ideas and risks, so as to create the most collaborative environment possible. This research study evaluated several open design platforms, projects and toolkits that can be used as  social innovation  support system to develop distributed manufacturing entrepreneurs. It was found that economic value can be created using open design, simply due to mass collaboration where people are living, experiencing and expressing gradually more within digitally enabled social-  and peer networks in distributed communities. OCM finds synergy amongst various stakeholders in order to mobilise developing communities. This allows products to be manufactured economically in smaller, more flexible quantities for the customised demand.

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