SUNConferences, Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering 2014

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Fidelis Nhenga-Mugarisanwa, Lovemore Gunda, Tatenda Felix Mangwanda, Andile M. Gwebu

Last modified: 2014-06-26


In this research an Ethernet-based lotto betting machine is developed, tested and deployed as an embedded web-client in a network. The device’s hardware mainly comprises a microcontroller, an Ethernet network interface shield, a keypad for input and an LCD screen output. The web-client sends requests to a remote Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP (WAMP) server using PHP scripts. The Apache webserver serves the requests by querying the MySQL database where user identification, player-tokens and winning number records  are stored and sends bet receipt SMS messages directly to users. To access the system a player enters a pre-purchased token number that allows them several chances via keypad. The remote server checks the token for authenticity, allows the user to enter a  6-digit number  and registers the number in the database.  It then  sends a bet acknowledgement SMS while the LCD displays system transaction messages. This system eliminates the use of paper in betting slips, receipts and associated spoilt paper.  It also  replaces most human processes with inherent machine speed-up and continuous service availability.  The system also  reduces customer loitering and queuing, consequently eliminating crowding and associated environmental hazards.  The system  therefore  potentially  exhibits some positive sustainable environmental impact.

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