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The Things They Carried

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From the Iliad to the War and Peace , the stories of people and battles still have readers. The most important works of world literature in the last century, such as All Quiet on the Western Front, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Naked and the Dead, Catch-22, etc., were all written on the topic of war.

For Americans, the war in Vietnam was imprinted in literary works like The Quiet American by Graham Greene or The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien and in many memorable films like Apocalypse Now, The Deerhunter. , Platoon . At times, Hollywood playwrights seem to "hang out" in Danang more than on major US highways.

More than a generation has grown up since the humiliating escape from Saigon, but Americans still grapple with historical trauma. The general public interest may be dominated by moderate and ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but in the depths of this nation's creative subconscious, the wound of horrific battles on Rice fields are still fester.

The writer needed time to seek the encounter between artistic creation and the traumatic experiences of war. The hottest novel in the current American literature - Karl Marlantes's Matterhorn - was born from his whole-life struggle with the demons of memory, hurt and loss.


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