SUNConferences, Southern African Institute of Industrial Engineering 2013

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Enterprise Architecture as a Mechanism for Making Strategy Practical and Measureable
Bert Engelbrecht

Last modified: 2013-06-20


In our industry organisations still experience Strategy and Enterprise Architecture as impractical, mythical and misunderstood mechanisms of Business. The research theory, tools and other mechanisms exist to substantiate the relevance of these and prove the benefit to be reaped from these. Yet organisations fail dismally in their attempts. Often organisations also fail to establish and reap the benefit from the required relationships between Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Programmes and Projects that deliver change. Organisations fail to establish a real process thread between these. In too many organisations Strategy is formulated without method, simply through expensive Exco consulting exercises that end up in slide shows that never get implemented. Strategies are misunderstood and misinterpreted by the organisation’s members who did not participate in the facilitated construction thereof. In most cases Enterprise Architecture is a pet initiative of innovative CIOs, that have political backing in the organisation from an Exco member, but never delivers. In virtually all cases there are chasms between the three business mechanisms of Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and the EPMO.

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