SUNConferences, Southern African Institute of Industrial Engineering 2013

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Optimisation Of Welding Wire Supply And Demand
Molebogeng Germinah Matsebatlela, K Mpofu, S P Ayodeji

Last modified: 2013-06-23


There is an increasing demand for Stainless steel (309L) welding wire in the manufacturing, maintenance and fabrication of Rolling Stock Equipment in South Africa. The 309L is used for welding carbon and alloy steel to stainless steel. The high quality stainless steel is packaged in fifteen kilograms spools. Due to the significant criticality welding consumables in rolling stock manufacture, stock outs of imported material must be eliminated, shortages can result in lost sales. This research aims to develop a method to calculate the actual demand for newly built rolling stock as well as creating forecasting models for repairs and maintenance. This study shows that the actual demand of the newly built stock can be measured and calculated but for maintenance and repairs, historical data is used to project future demand which has proven unsuccessful. The six sigma tools and methodology were used to identify the root causes of high increasing demand and it was found that there is a wrong unit of measure on the ERP system which resulted in ordering excess stock. The analyses also showed that the improper handling of the welding wire damages the wire which leads to waste.

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