SUNConferences, Southern African Institute of Industrial Engineering 2013

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Road To Excellence: A Practical Framework For Guiding Local Organizations Toward Sustainable Excellence
Kaveh M. Cyrus, Shadi Sanagoo, A H Sabourtinat

Last modified: 2013-06-23


In recent years there is a trend in many local organizations to apply a wide variety of management tools and systems such as ISO9000, TQM, BPR, Excellence models, KM, strategic planning and so forth. Unfortunately researches and experiences show that most of these systems and tools not only do not make the expected synergy, but also impose excessive cost on the organization. here, a practical framework is represented based on years of experiences of authors in delivering management consulting services to companies in both public and private sectors. The framework is based on total quality management proposed by John. S. Oakland which incorporates the main components of TQM with other management tools and systems in strategic and operational fields and shapes a total organizational excellence model. The framework presented, if not regarded as a development to the mentioned original framework, can be considered as a customized total organizational excellence model for local companies. This focuses on describing the logical identification of broader tools, approaches and techniques in the framework. Clarifying the appropriate sub-elements of each particularly regarding local organization's areas of interests and common challenges and delivering or proposing appropriate tools to run each of the elements effectively

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