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Research Paper

Empirical Comparison Of Vector Bootstrap Methods For Multivariate Scenario Generation PDF
Malcolm James Murray, Ian Campbell
Distributed Manufacturing Systems And The Internet Of Things: A Case Study PDF
Peter Butala, Rok Vrabič, Gert Adriaan Oosthuizen
The Effect Of Technology On The Economy And Employment PDF
John Meyer, Tinus Pretorius
Hospital Supply Chain Management and Optimisation PDF
Muhammed Kachwee, Dieter Hartmann
The Combined AHP-QFD Approach and its use in Lean Maintenance PDF
Tinashe George Tendayi, Cornelius J Fourie
Application of Polyurethane Materials in the Assembly of Micro-Components PDF
Gerhard Bernard Lennox, Stephen Matope, Theuns Dirkse van Schalkwyk, Andrè Van der Merwe, Michael Müller
An Investigation of Industry Expectations on Industrial Engineering Graduates: A Case Study of Graduate Development Programmes in South African Universities PDF
Willy K. Ngetich, C M Moll, Cornelius SL Schutte
An Assessment of the Maturity of Teleradiology Services within the Western Cape Public Healthcare System PDF
André Hartmann, Liezl Van Dyk
To Coat or not to Coat when Cutting it Cool with Titanium Alloys PDF
Anton Alexander Enever, Nico Francois Treurnicht
A Framework for a Technology Transfer Decision Support System (TTDSS) PDF
Blessing Mwoyongewenyu, Samson Mhlanga, Norman Gwangwava, Khumbulani Mpofu, Lungile Nyanga, Andre van der Merwe
Enhancing Project Management in South African Small Businesses by Focusing on Process Improvement Methodologies PDF
Francois Winterbach, Konrad von Leipzig
Comparing Theory of Constraints (TOC) with TRIZ in Solving a Production Problem – A Case Study PDF
B A Lebepe, Bruno Emwanu
Optimization of Empty Rail Wagon Re-Distribution PDF
Robert Pokote Mutyavavire, Kimberly Battle
Formulating a Strategic Framework to Promote SME Development PDF
Denzil Kennon, Hendrik Snyman, Corne Schutte, Konrad Von Leipzig
Assessing the Technology Acceptance of Cell Phones within the Context of the Primary Health Care System of South Africa PDF
Frans Snyders, Liezl van Dyk
Exploring Abrasive Water Jet Cutting For Near Net Shape Processing Of Titanium Aerospace Components PDF
Ruan de Bruyn, Nico Francois Treurnicht
Economic Model For Production Of Eco-friendly Products From Natural Fibre Material PDF
Lilian Ganduri, A F van der Merwe, Stephen Matope, W N. J. van Niekerk
Management And Control Of Complexity In Clustering For Value Creation In Sustainable Societies PDF
Gert Adriaan Oosthuizen, Dudley Jura
Evaluation Of Rapid Product Development Technologies For Production Of Prosthesis In Developing Communities PDF
Gert Adriaan Oosthuizen, Tristan Gerhold, Devon Hagedorn-Hansen
Design Of An Automated Grinding Media Charging System For Ball Mills PDF
Wellington Farai Rupare, Lungile Nyanga, Andre van der Merwe, Samson Mhlanga, Stephen Matope
The Recommendation And Validation Of An Appropriate Physical Asset Management Policy For PRASA’s Metrorail Division PDF
Karl Otto Rommelspacher, Cornelius Jacobus Fourie
Functional Performance And Machinability Of Titanium Alloys For Medical Implants: A Review PDF
Maria Elizabeth Engelbrecht, Nico Treurnicht, Guven Akdogan, Natasha Sacks
Energy Supply Chain Risk Management Using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Oluyomi Babafemi Ajayi, Bernadette Patricia Sunjka
Investigating the Impact of Poor Utilisation of Quality Management System in a South African Foundry PDF
Zanele Promise Mpanza, Didier Nyembwe, Hannelie Nel
The implementation of Six Sigma Process Improvement in a Small Flexible Enterprise with Limited Resources PDF
Markus Papsch, Konrad von Leipzig
Investigation of the Effects of Lubricant Fat Content on Drawing Copper Wires PDF
Annanciater Chiduwa, Lungile Nyanga, Samson Mhlanga, André van der Merwe, Givemore kanyemba
Comparison of Return on Investment for an Entry Level Micromilling Machine Versus Benchmark State of the Art Machines PDF
Theuns Dirkse van Schalkwyk
Significant Causes and Effects of Project Delays in the Niger Delta Region, Nigeria PDF
Bernadette Patricia Sunjka, Unwana Jacob
The Social Dimension of Open Design PDF
Gert Adriaan Oosthuizen, JW Uys, Dudley Jura
Cutting Strategy Selection for Titanium Machining - a Key for Cost Savings PDF
Pieter Conradie, Dimitri Dimitrov, Mike Saxer
Task Assignment in Home Health Care: A Fuzzy Group Genetic Algorithm Approach PDF
Michael Mutingi, Charles Mbohwa
A Linear Programming Model For Malt Blending PDF
Tawanda Mutangi, Lungile Nyanga, André van der Merwe, Givemore Kanyemba, T K Chikowore
The Migration Of A Knowledge Item Through The Life Cycles Of Technology, Product Development And The Enterprise PDF
Gerhardus Dirk Pretorius
Towards Energy Management During The Machining Of Titanium Alloys PDF
Gert Adriaan Oosthuizen, Nicholas Tayisepi, R F Laubscher, J Mulumba
The Impact Of Product Modularisation On Supply Chain Relationships: A Furniture Industry Perspective PDF
Partson Dube, G Muyengwa, K Battle
A Home Healthcare Multi-agent System In A Multi-objective Environment PDF
Michael Mutingi, Charles Mbohwa
Managing Bottlenecks In Fast And Randomly Changing Production Environment PDF
Thomas Bobga Tengen
Optimisation Of Welding Wire Supply And Demand PDF
Molebogeng Germinah Matsebatlela, K Mpofu, S P Ayodeji
Road To Excellence: A Practical Framework For Guiding Local Organizations Toward Sustainable Excellence PDF
Kaveh M. Cyrus, Shadi Sanagoo, A H Sabourtinat
Development Of A Total Productive Maintenance Report Card For Critical Machines PDF
Jagruthi Naran, F W Kienhöfer, T S Hattingh, P R Taggart
Optimizing Inventory Ordering Policies with Random Lead Times PDF
Blaise Benga Bolan Ebouele, Thomas Bobga Tengen
Managing Transition from a Small to a Large Business - The Case of a Drill Rod Manufacturer PDF
Goodwell Muyengwa, P Dube
An Overview of Advanced Cooling Techniques for Titanium Alloy Machining in Aerospace PDF
Cilliers Prins, Nico Treurnicht
Applying Lean Principles in a School Environment to Reduce Lead Time and Improve Quality PDF
Benjamin Chibaira, Teresa Sharon Hattingh
Development Of A Resource Agent For An E-manufacturing System PDF
Lungile Nyanga, Andre Van Der Merwe, Michael Mutingi, Stephen Matope, P J Vlok
The Effects Of Cooling And Cutting Tool Coating On Tool Wear During Milling Of TI6AL4V And 40CRMNMO7 PDF
Derek Rhys Hammond, Dimitar Dimitrov, Nico Treurnicht
The Application of PDSA Cycle to Solve Production Challenges at the Electric-Arc Furnaces PDF
Livhuwani Mercy Mufamadi
Lean in Service Industry PDF
Grace Mukondeleli Kanakana
Conceptual Design Framework For Developing A Reconfigurable Vibrating Screen For Small And Medium Mining Enterprises PDF
Boitumelo Innocent Ramatsetse, Oduetse Matsebe, Khumbulani Mpofu, Dawood Desai
The Effect Of Downstream Quality Inspections On Overall System Performance: A Case Study At A Forging Company PDF
Dieter Hartmann, Christopher Mulindi
A Conceptual Framework For The Analysis Of Supply Chain Risk Management In Small And Medium Manufacturing Enterprises In South Africa PDF
Bernadette Patricia Sunjka, Bruno Emwanu
Nurse Scheduling Decision Support Systems as a Workforce Management Technology Solution in Public Healthcare PDF
Ninett Steyn, Liezl Van Dyk
A Conceptual Framework For Conveyancing Processes PDF
Anthea Patricia Amadi-Echendu, R Pellissier

Applied or Industry Paper

Root Cause Analysis for Reduction of Waste on Bottle Filling and Crowning Operations PDF
Mendon Dewa, Andrew Naicker, Ranil Singh
Designing Of An Intelligent Fuzzy Logic System For Accretion Prevention In Sponge Iron SL/RN Rotary Kiln Based 100TPD DRI Process PDF
Talon Garikayi, Nyanga Lungile, Pardon Kuipa, Samson Mhlanga, Tawanda Mushiri
Telemetric Data Logger and Monitor for Mining Vehicles PDF
Lovemore Gunda, Zedekiah M Nyathi, Lungile Nyanga, Fredrick Nkiwane, Samson Mhlanga
Model Reference Adaptive Control System For Moisture Regulation In Cotton Ginning PDF
Talon Garikayi, Nyanga Lungile, Samson Mhlanga, Andrew Muzinda, T Mushiri, T Mutangi
An Alternative Approach To Manufacturing Studies And Engineering Innovation Teaching PDF
Andre Louw, Ron N Beyers
Improvement Of Plant Facility Layout For Better Labour Utilisation: Case Study Of A Confectionery Company In The Western Cape PDF
Ernst Jordaan, Stephen Matope
Development of a Cost of Quality Calculation Tool For a South African Printing Company PDF
Tanya Lane-Visser, J Den Heijer
Measuring Effectiveness And Efficiency In Mail Operations And Buildings: An Integrated Energy Management System Approach PDF
Kgomotso Martha Pooe, B J Chauke
The Evolution Of Manufacturing: An Industry Case Study At Altech UEC South Africa (Pty) Ltd PDF
Andrew Gordon Gant, Rika Engelbrecht

Abstract and Presentation

The implementation of a Supplier Development Strategy for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry
Graeme Hay
Enterprise Architecture as a Mechanism for Making Strategy Practical and Measureable
Bert Engelbrecht
The South African Journal of Industrial Engineering:
Susan Adendorff
An Approach to Business Intelligence in an Asset Management Service Delivery Environment
Dirk Pieter Janse van Rensburg
Lean Asset Management
Leon Erasmus
Can Productivity Improvement Absorb the 2013 Minimum Wage Increase?: An Overview of Cellular Facility Design for Table Grape Packaging
Nico Treurnicht
Reviewing Alpha Case Risk Potential During Titanium Alloy Machining
Nico Treurnicht
Mathematica V9 – A Toolkit for Industrial Engineering
Clemens Dempers
Engineering Validation Through Simulation
Matthys Hendrik Greeff
Generic Underground Coal Mining Simulation (UCMS) Toolkit
Adriaan Izak Odendaal, Stephen Gerard Ross
Master Data Acquisition – A Project Necessity
Dries Odendaal
Industrial Engineering Career Paths : Can We learn anything from LinkedIn?
Cobus Roux, Liezl Van Dyk
Developing Discrete Event Simulation Models for Long Term Use
Esmi Eunice Conradie
Integrated Performance, Risk and Process Management to Drive Stakeholder Value
Leon Briel
Precise Operational Execution: The Foundation of Forecasting
Roy Johannes van Eck
Sustainable Water and Waste Water Distribution
Mansfield Anotida Chichaya
Business Improvement Practice Deployment Practices: A Case for Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints
Sandile Khumalo
Designing a Greenfields FMCG Plant Using 3D Simulation Software
Deon Louw
Material Flow Through a Heavy Manufacturing Bay
Bathabile Alina Lebepe, Dieter Hartmann
Dynamic Safety Stock in the Real World
Jakus van Rooyen
Spares Pooling Calculation for Boiler Feed Water Pump Systems at Sasol Synfuels to Minimise Total Economic Impact
Reane Strydom, David Marc Myburgh
Real-World Scenario Training to Facilitate Knowledge Transfer by use of Interactive Software
Hanno van Wyk
Development of an Improved ATM Service Level Model
Annaleen Mouton
Operating Improvements at a Major Automotive Manufacturer
Mthobisi Dlamini
Introduction to Learning Factory concepts; a Stellenbosch University case study.
Theuns Dirkse van Schalkwyk


Anylogic V9 – Multi-method Simulation Modelling
Clemens Dempers

Keynote Address

Human Evolution from an African Perspective, With Reference to Charles Darwin, Palaeoclimates, and the Problem of Defining a Species
Francis Thackeray
The Industrial Development Corporation’s Productivity and Competitiveness Improvement Programs
Gavin Smith
Biomimicry; (Re)Connecting With Nature’s Genius
Will Lawson


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