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FAQ 11 - How do I change the Meta-data (authors, abstract etc)that appears on the presentations list

To change meta-data of your paper on the online system, go to and click on the relevant paper, then select "EDIT METADATA" .

Posted: 2016-09-28

FAQ 9 - Which guidelines should I use to prepare my poster.

Click here for poster guidelines  
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FAQ 3 - When and how must I submit my paper for final review?


When you are ready, please upload your revised manuscript before or on 2017-08-15 as if it is an entire new submission to the FINAL REVIEW track via A new submission number will be issued.

Please use this opportunity to make sure that all authors are linked to the paper.

Also, provide us then with your final abstract. This abstract will be pushed into the public domain as soon as your paper is finally accepted.

Kindly also update your user profile in terms of affiliation, a picture of yourself and a 50-150 word biographical statement , which can be used to introduce you at the conference. This abstract as well as your biographical statement will be pushed into the public domain as soon as your paper is finally accepted.

The sooner is it is uploaded, the sooner it will be sent out to reviewers.

Posted: 2016-08-01

FAQ 9 - Must I attach comments to alert the reviewers concerning changes made?

It is always a good idea to alert reviewers to changes made. You are welcome to add MS-Word comments - and even "track changes" to the Camera-Ready version. We will forward these comments to the reviewers, but erase it from the camera-ready version.

Posted: 2016-08-01

FAQ 8 - Should the Final Review Manuscript be ready for BLIND review? Must the author details be included or excluded?


Please prepare the Final Review Manuscript as Camera-Ready as possible, including name and affiliation of authors, but keep it in MS-Word format.

We will save the Camera-Ready version on out system, but then distribute a blind version to the reviewers, in which we erased the names of authors.


Posted: 2016-08-01

FAQ 7.1. Where can I find the template for the poster? FAQ 7.2 Where can I find the template for the presentation?

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FAQ 5 - When will the conference programme be available? (Before I book accommodation, I want to know for when my presentation is scheduled)

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FAQ 2 - I did not receive any feedback on my paper yet. Should I get worried?



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