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FAQ 2 - I did not receive any feedback on my paper yet. Should I get worried?

If you see on your user profile ( that your paper is in the ...

  • SAJIE SHORTLIST track, it means that it was sent to a third reviewer, based on positive reviews from the first two. You will get feedback on this as soon as the shortlist for the special edition of the South African Journal for Industrial Engineering is finalized;
  • RESEARCH track, it means that you are one of the very few authors for which we a struggling the get the final reviews in. We are working on it and have already additional reviewers for these. I will give you feedback the moment I am able to do so.
  • REVISIONS track,
  • o you should have already received an e-mail from me, entitled "Editorial Decision on Paper". Your review reports should have been pasted on the bottom of the e-mail and you should have received e-mail from Bianca Blomerus, having attached 0,1 or 2 review documents (depending on whether your reviewer(s) provided us with that).
  • o If you have not received both of these e-mails, please let me know so that I can resend.


  • · PRESENTATIONS ONLY, track is probably because you indicated that you do not want to prepare an academic paper. You just want to do a presentation. Or you asked us to redirect your initial submission, because you did not find the time to prepare an academic paper.


If you see on your user profile ( not any of the above, please notify me.

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