SUNConferences, 27th Annual Conference of the SA Institute for Industrial Engineering

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Towards a Framework to Guide the Evaluation of Inclusive Innovation Systems
Louisa Botha, Sara Grobbelaar, Wouter Bam

Last modified: 2016-10-05


Innovation for inclusive development aims to not only produce products and services for base of the pyramid (BoP) markets, but also to improve innovative capacity and empower those that form part of the BoP. Although a wide range of actors aim to support innovation for inclusive development, they lack proper methods to assess the impact that these projects have. This paper sets out to identify an appropriate method or approach for evaluating systems change brought about by innovation for inclusive development projects. Based on a systematic literature review, a process-level approach is proposed. This approach is focused on the components within a system and the changes that occur in the system functions.


Innovation for Inclusive Development; Innovation Systems; Component-Function Based Approach.