SUNConferences, 27th Annual Conference of the SA Institute for Industrial Engineering

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The impact of obesity on musculoskeletal disorder in South African automotive industry
Tabitha Dorcas Mallane, Thomas Bobga Tengen

Last modified: 2016-10-05


In Automotive Industries, a number of repetitive tasks (RT) are performed frequently leading to muscoloskeletal disorder (mSD). Due to prevalence of obsity and MSD in South Africa, this paper deals with the impact of obsity on MSD in SA Automotive Industry. Workers were classified into ten subgroups, each of which obsity status (measured in Kg/m2) fell within same Body mnass Index. All workers were within the active working age group of 25-28 years. Five workers from each subgroup were selected and subjected to same RT. The average RT was considered as the subgroup value. regression analysis was used to test the relationship between workers' weight and RT.

It was observed that as workers' weights increaed, RT increased reaching a maximum, which the started deacreasing with continuous increase in weights of workers. It was concluded that obesity and underweight have negative impacts on RT or productivity.


Automotive industry, Repetitive tasks, Musculoskeletal disorders