SUNConferences, 27th Annual Conference of the SA Institute for Industrial Engineering

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Application of Bernoulli Principle in Addressing Bottlenecks at a Local Production Company in the Vaal
Thomas Bobga Tengen

Last modified: 2016-09-28


Production flow is similar to most physical flows, especially liquids that frequently encounter bottlenecks, an issue being addressed by the current paper. This paper investigates the applicability of the concept of the Elementary Law of Energy Conservation in fluid flow given by the Bernoulli Principle as one of the approaches of addressing production bottlenecks. Empirical data on managerial behaviour, managers' attitudes towards workers, production rate and the extent of bottlenecks were analysed following the concept of Bernoulli Principle.

It was found that the total effort required in executing a job is a function of production rate, the managers' closeness to workstations and "pressure" imposed by the bottleneck. Where pressure imposed by the bottleneck was high, the production rate was reduced. Increased pressure on operators by managers was equivalent to a reduction of distance from managers to workstations that led to increased speed of job-flow and/or reduction of bottleneck. It was concluded that the Bernoulli Principle is useful when applied correctly to address bottlenecks.


bottleneck; conservation of energy; height of management structure; productivity