SUNConferences, 27th Annual Conference of the SA Institute for Industrial Engineering

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Factors affecting the quality of service delivery in a government department overseeing efficient maintenance of physical assets in healthcare services in a selected province in South Africa
Bruno Emwanu, Tawanda Taruvinga

Last modified: 2016-09-18


An efficient delivery of healthcare service depends on reliable, safe and readily available infrastructure and equipment for use. This necessitates a well-planned and managed maintenance programme that is able to guide and support maintenance of the infrastructure and equipment. Inefficiencies on the maintenance programme have detrimental effects on the healthcare services. This study investigates the factors affecting quality of service delivery by a selected provincial government department of infrastructure development (PGDID), particularly factors that affect management and its maintenance arm in ensuring maintenance of the physical assets at public health institutions. The study was based on the perceptions of the PGDID personnel that were directly involved in the service delivery. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire from a sample of 91 PGDID personnel consisting of engineers, inspectors, foremen, artisans, Supply Chain Management (SCM) staff and regional directors. The results of the study provide insight on the importance of soft issues such as bureaucracy, motivation of staff, and communication as being comparable to the execution of the maintenance task itself. Jointly, the soft issues play a significant role and should be taken seriously as it has implications when planning maintenance of physical assets in healthcare services at provincial level.


Maintenance management; healthcare support services