SUNConferences, 29th Annual Conference of SAIIE

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Developing a challenges landscape relating to drug-safety, -provision and -distribution in resource limited settings for the case of HIV/AIDS
Biance´ Huysamen, Imke H de Kock, Louzanne Bam

Last modified: 2018-10-17


Since 2010 pharmaceutical organisations have begun to avail drug patents in sub-Saharan Africa through the UN Medicine Patent Pool. This initiative allows any pharmaceutical manufacturer to access patents and manufacture these drugs; thereby aiming to decreasing lead time and costs associated with these drugs. The participation of numerous manufacturers, some of whom may not have well-established quality control systems in the market, intensifies the need for effective drug quality monitoring. Furthermore, research indicates that it is often the case that these ‘niche drug provision systems’ face many challenges with regards to the quality of new generation drugs and the implementation of effective pharmacovigilance (PV) systems for the reporting of ADR. The lack of resource efficiency in ADR reporting within the sub-Saharan context, is also a growing concern.