SUNConferences, 29th Annual Conference of SAIIE

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Warm-start heuristics for solving passive optical network planning problem
Ruan Luies, Stephanus Terblanche, Magdalena Grobler

Last modified: 2018-10-17


The use of automated network planning systems is crucial for reducing deployment cost and planning time of passive optical telecommunication networks. Mixed integer linear programming is well suited for the purpose of modelling passive optical networks, however, excessive computing times for solving large-scale problem instances render these approaches impractical. In this paper, an arc and path-based mixed integer linear programming formulation of the passive optical network planning problem is considered. A reduction in computing times and peak memory usage are obtained by applying multiple heuristics and metaheuristics as warm-starts to these problem formulations. The result of an aggregated arc flow formulation is also used as an input for a path flow heuristic in an attempt to reduce peak memory usage. Finally, the computational results presented in this paper are based on real-world GIS data.