The effects of the 3rd Industrial Revolution are now inseparably entrenched into our everyday lives. Whilst some are still coming to grips with finding the ‘On’ switch, many have been thriving in this new technological era. With new capabilities and connectivity, the reach of technology is increasing exponentially.  Currently, we are living on the cusp of what is widely known as the 4th Industrial Revolution. Critics may argue that this is merely the Third Revolution reaching maturity - advancement built on an enormous platform that has now been well established.

Recent emerging technologies in their application have, however, started having a significant impact in every industry imaginable. The critics must be silenced.

This technology unleashed would indeed be a revolution: a world of undirected chaos; circular logic and unrealised potential. At this critic transition and integration of technology, industry and society, Industrial Engineering professionals are intrinsically positioned to play a critical role in determining the ‘North Star’ of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Setting a course, being a strategic guide towards the optimal impact of the potential benefits as we enter the ‘interesting times’ that lay before us.