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October 5, 2020 – October 7, 2020

Inspiring change to create a sustainable future for all

As we start a new decade and experience the once futuristic year of 2020, SAIIE31 will encourage us to think more strategically and creatively about how we will embrace the balance of the 21st century in a way that will both protect and revive our planet.  SAIIE31 once again brings together the finest thinkers, doers, dreamers and learners in the field of industrial engineering to reimagine making things both better and differently.

Join us for three spectacular days filled with thought-provoking presentations, engaging and challenging conversations and endless possibilities to think in new and green ways.  The conference will be followed by our highly successful industry tour day on 8 October providing you with a chance to spend the day broadening your mind and sharing ideas with other industrial engineering professionals.

And as expected, SAIIE31 will include exciting activities so that everyone can have just that little bit of fun while plotting to change the world!


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