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Stellenbosch University 13th Annual Library Symposium

The Annual Library Symposium, with theme X-plore • X-pand • X-ceed: ensuring dynamic academic libraries for the future, will be held 14-15 November 2013 at the JS Gericke Library.

The Symposium takes in its usual position on the academic library calendar this year to probe new trends and developments and find creative solutions to shape the future of academic libraries.

Academic libraries today are challenged by perpetual change. Along with the constant advancement of technology there exists a continuous shift in user behaviour and a proliferation of alternatives for information discovery. At the same time, the scholarly framework is increasingly defined by openness, libraries face heightened accountability and assessment, and budgets remain constrained. Facing these challenges, libraries need to articulate robust, flexible and scalable responses capable of sustaining academic libraries in an unpredictable future.

Once again, bringing together thought leaders, the symposium will look for solutions to advance our institutions and augment the future of academic libraries. To accomplish this feat, we will:

X-plore: new technological platforms and acquisition models; innovative library systems and processes; tools, applications and media solutions

X-pand: perceptions and thinking about academic libraries’ boundaries, definitions of service quality and value, roles for librarians, skills requirements, and change culture

X-ceed: instead of mere remodeling of traditional operations, seek fundamental transformation and surpass user and institutional expectations

We look forward to welcoming you to Stellenbosch again to experience our beautiful, historical town and the hospitality of the Library staff.

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